This month, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our favorite manufacturers:   Zimmerman Chair

We asked the Collaborative’s resident expert on Zimmerman Chair to tell us more about why they love to source from this vendor.

Give us a little bit of background on Zimmerman Chair. What do they make?   Zimmerman Chair is 100% made in America, Pennsylvania to be specific.  Everything they create is solid hardwoods with your choice of wood spies and tons of finishes to choose from.  They make tables, chairs, bedrooms, and some occasional furniture.

Where are their goods made?  100% made in the USA- PA

Tell us about the quality and price level.  This is very high quality at a medium price point.  Truly an excellent value.

Do they have a product (or products) that’s a regular go-to for you?  I love their Live Edge tables and my favorite chair is the Estate Chair.

Do they have a product (or products) that they do better than anyone else, or that is unique to them?  They are known for making solid wood furniture in this country which are both things that are disappearing currently.  I love being able to customize the wood species, stains, and fabrics.  I get to stretch my design legs with their products and know the client will be very impressed with the quality.

Do they have a product you’ve been wanting/dying to order but haven’t had a chance yet? Something cool or new? 
I can’t wait to get my next bedroom job because I love their Frederik customizable furniture.  You can build your own design with different door fronts, hardware, and of course finish options.

Click to see the Frederik Bedroom

Any final thoughts about Zimmerman Chair?  I really like their philosophy that they make present day antiques and heirloom pieces.  It is an added bonus that they are a Sustainable company.