We’re often surprised at the number of interior designers who don’t realize how much more money they could be making by purchasing products at the BEST price.

But in a way, it’s understandable.

How is a solo entrepreneur supposed to meet the quotas required to open and maintain multiple accounts at the very best pricing levels?

Enter the Collaborative

By joining together, our Interior Design Members generate the collaborative purchasing volume required for the best pricing with a wide variety of home furnishing manufacturers.

So rather than netting the 20% profit a standard designer discount brings, 

you could be earning the 66% profit of Stocking Dealer Pricing.

You read that right; 66% profit.

See what we mean by game changer?

Price Tiers Explained:

Every Vendor sets their own pricing structure called price tiers.  Bigger better discounts are granted to those who purchase bigger better quantities. 

In a Nutshell:

The more you buy the more you save.

So this isn’t just another buying group?

Nope. In fact, we are truly unique: a genuine collaborative of interior design professionals working together to empower and enrich our fellow Members.

Other buying services are really just virtual versions of multi-line showrooms. Their business is still the traditional model like a showroom: they’re the sales rep and you’re the customer. Their commission is earned off of sales.

Here, you’re a true partner - a  Member of the Collaborative community.

What does that mean: I’m a partner?

It’s simple: We are not here to make money off of you. 

We are here to help you make money.

We start by providing access to the best possible pricing. The support you receive goes far beyond that: TDC Admins and fellow designers who know the ins-and-outs of the business share their expertise through videos, resources and monthly engagement with Members.

The goal: We’re here to make your life easier and more profitable!

We’ve got your back.

Want to Know Exactly How It Works?

our Process From Start to Finish

Okay. So you’re a Member and you want to purchase a sofa from Manufacturer X.

You create a Purchase Order for a sofa as if you had an account with Manufacturer X. But instead of sending it to Manufacturer X, you send it to the Collaborative Member who is our designated Account Holder for Manufacturer X. Let’s call her Jane.

Jane receives your Purchase Order (PO). You pay Jane for your PO and a nominal Administrative Fee (10% of the product price) to manage your PO — customization coordination, order entry, acknowledgement, shipping and any follow-up needed.

When the sofa is ready, Manufacturer X ships it to you (and by “you,” we mean your receiving warehouse), and you take it from there.

That’s it: Our process from start to finish!

The Designers Collaborative VENDORS

The Designers Collaborative has all your sourcing needs covered

for residential and commercial
for all price points
for all categories and styles

With over 300 Vendors to choose from, The Designers Collaborative provides the greatest CREATIVE FREEDOM and PROFITABILITY




Ready to harness the power of collaboration?

Tap into a community of design professionals committed to your success.

Enjoy the greatest creative freedom and profitability that comes with "strength in numbers."

Experience greater peace of mind by knowing:

You don’t have to go it alone.

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