...That’s what one of our Members calls the modest annual fee of $599. 

Members typically recoup this fee on their first order because our price points are the BEST - making our Members the most profit.

Reknown for its organized system, transparent pricing, empowering tools, templates and education, and supportive customer service, The Designers Collaborative is the BEST well-oiled machine!

Skeptical? Not a problem.

We’ll show you how it works.

Consider this sectional from a well-known manufacturer.

It retails for $4,920.

The Designers Collaborative (TDC) stocking dealer price is $1640 for that sectional; plus a 10% Admin Fee paid to the Account Holder which would be $164; let’s say freight is $248; delivery to your client would be $320; bringing the TDC Member's total cost to $2372.

$1640   Cost of sectional
    164    Admin Fee 
    248    Cost of freight
+ 320    Cost of delivery
$2372    TOTAL Cost

You charge your client $4920 - $2372 (your total cost) =
$2548 is your profit on just one sectional.

That more than covers your $599 yearly Membership fee with lots of profit for you!

Most Members recoup their yearly Membership investment with one order with lots of profit left over. Joining is a no brainer!

That’s pretty much the definition of 'paying for itself,' isn’t it?

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