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Who are your Members?

Every Member of The Designers Collaborative is a vetted, active professional in the interior design industry — either an interior designer, decorator or home stager. Some are solo practitioners who work from a home office; others are larger design firms with a showroom or retail store front.

Do I need to qualify for Membership?

No special qualifications are needed. Members business MUST be registered with their resident State or Province. Any design professional with a business license and/or resale certificate is welcome to join us.

Are new Members vetted?

Yes. For the safety of our Group, we review the applicant's website, social media presence, and State or Provincial sales tax exemption certificate or business registration license to ensure the professional legitimacy of each applicant.

If you are new to the interior design business, you may share photos of your work  or school projects to verify your status.

Do I have to live in the United States or Canada to be a Member?

Yes, Membership is open to residents of the North American continent - United States or Canada, at this time.

I don’t have any trade accounts to share with the Group. May I still join?


We need buyers (Members) as well as Account Holders (Members who hold and offer accounts to fellow Members). 

Both are equally valued Members of our Community.

I already have all the trade accounts I need — at great price points.

What would I get out of joining?

Offering your manufacturers' account with our Group may help keep it in good standing - meeting (or exceeding) manufacturers' annual purchase requirements to maintain your great price point, for example.

It may also provide you an additional revenue stream, as Account Holder Members earn a 10% Administrative Fee on each order processed.

How do I join?

Please complete our Membership application here.


What Vendors do you offer?

We maintain accounts with over 300 of the top Vendors you know and love. 

We don’t share our list with non-Members, but if you’re wondering about a specific manufacturer, Please request our Vendor List Here. TDC will review your request and email you the Vendor List within 2 business days.

What if you don’t offer a Vendor that I want?

Our list of Vendors is continually growing, as new Members join and offer their accounts to our Group, and as new Brands emerge.

In addition, we function as a true Collaborative with Members working together with Vendors to crowd-source for a large opening order requirement for the BEST pricing, or establishing NEW Programs with global Vendors.


How does it work?

You may read the full explanation of our purchasing process here.

What if I have my own account with a Vendor? 

Do I HAVE TO purchase through the designated Account Holder?

Not at all! We’re here to increase your options, not restrict them. 

Members are always free to use the purchasing method of their choice.

What if I don’t want to be an Account Holder? 

Do I HAVE TO share my accounts with the Group?

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. 

Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like — whatever works best for you and your business.


Can I still order customized pieces, or specify COM, if I’m going through another Member’s account?

Absolutely! Our Members do it all the time. Just fill out the manufacturer’s required paperwork and send it to the Account Holder with your Purchase Order. They’ll take it from there.

What if there’s a problem with my order — for example, a product arrives damaged?

The Account Holder you ordered with will work with you and the manufacturer to resolve any damages.

What if I don’t have a warehouse?

Not to worry. We provide our Members with a list of regularly updated, recommended Receiving and Delivery Warehouses throughout North America.

I’m new to ordering directly from manufacturers and the process intimidates me. How will I know what to do?

We’ve got you covered! 

All new Members are onboarded with guidance on how our Industry functions and shown how to navigate the entire procurement process. It can be daunting, so we take baby-steps, but the speed at which you progress is in your control.

You will also find our Group Members, resident Experts and Mentors eager to share their wisdom.

What about risk? 

Is buying through the Collaborative as safe as other methods?

In many cases, it’s safer! 

Our Account Holders are fully vetted and most have been active Members for years  with a proven track record of ordering for others. In addition, the Collaborative maintains a reserve fund to protect Members against any unforeseen circumstances in the purchasing process.

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