Exactly how it works

Our process – from start to finish

Okay. So you’re a member and you want to purchase a sofa from Manufacturer X. 

You create a Purchase Order for the sofa as if you had an account with Manufacturer X. But instead of sending it to them, you send it to the Collaborative member who is our designated account holder for Manufacturer X. Let’s call her Jane.

Jane submits the PO for you through her account, and you pay her a small administrative fee (10% of the purchase price) to handle all the paperwork related to the order — invoicing, acknowledgements, details regarding shipping, and any communication with the manufacturer about customization. 

When the sofa is ready, Manufacturer X ships it to you (and by “you,” we mean your receiving warehouse), and you take it from there.

That’s it. Our process from start to finish.

Kind of the opposite of rocket science. Right?