This month, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our favorite manufacturers: Mr. Brown

Give us a little bit of background on Mr Brown. What do they make?

Mr. Brown has a curated selection from unique case goods, lighting, upholstery and accessories.

Where are the products made? 

About 80% of the product comes from their own manufacturing facility in the far east but the other 20% is actually manufactured right in High Point- like a lot of the accessories, side tables, and table lamps.

Even if the upholstery frames aren’t all manufactured in the US, Mr. Brown does do all the upholstery in house. We even have our own line of linens and velvets, but you can always go the COM route.

What do you feel about the quality and price level? 

The pricing is higher end but that’s because the quality is high-end. If you treat our furniture with care and attention then it will last you a lifetime.

Do you have a product that’s a regular go-to for you? 

The Durrant chairs and Belmont collection is a staple in the Mr Brown line. It always out performs everything year after year. Although Mr. Brown is constantly releasing new product and keeping the line fresh, Belmont and Durrant never cease to amaze.

What is something about Mr. Brown that many people don’t know? 

Almost all of the product is customizable. You can change, dimensions, finish, concept, etc.. our custom lead time is roughly 14 weeks and we can always provide a custom quote for any product that might need customizing.

Do they have a product you’ve been wanting/dying to order but haven’t had a chance yet? Something cool or new?

Belmont console, anything Belmont

Any final thoughts about Mr Brown?

The weight, style and quality put a Mr. Brown piece as a focal point in any room.

Items you have used in the past:

Millen table lamp

Port Merion Drum Chandelier

Hanover Chandelier

Aberdeen Chandelier

Atlantis Dining base and racetrack shagreen oval top

Hawes Side table

One you would love to use in the future:

Oval mirror or cabinet customized for a bath