KBIS 2022 Trends & Favorites

For kitchen and bath design, there really is no better place to see what’s new and trending than KBIS — the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.

I recently returned from the 2022 show in Orlando, where a few new trends and favorite products impressed me to write this blog.

Let’s dive right in!


The ubiquitous white shaker kitchen cabinet has been knocked off its pedestal and replaced by a smaller variation.

I also saw oak wood cabinets painted white with a wire brush technique, allowing the natural grain of the wood to come through. Several booths at KBIS featured this new variation. I think it’s a smart look that we will be seeing more of.

Photo by The Designers Collaborative, Covered Bridge Cabinetry display

The other kitchen trend that isn’t really new, but still holding its own: Colorful painted cabinets mixed with wood tones or neutrals in the overall design of the room. Deep blues were by far the most popular, and I thought they mixed really nicely with many other finishes.

A brightly colored bath vanity seemed to be very popular, as well — including shades of blue, green, teal, and yes, gray.

Photo by The Designers Collaborative, various blue cabinets from KBIS 22

Two of the newer kitchen trends that appear to be taking hold are black cabinets, and natural woods — like walnut and hickory — showing off their grain.

The black kitchen cabinets at KBIS were bold and striking, which made for a more serious and urban look overall. By contrast, the natural wood grain offers a very organic feel that would mesh beautifully with a mid-century modern design scheme.

Favorite Products

KBIS 2022 featured a slew of inspiring products — from stoves to dishwashers to refrigerators and more.

Here are my personal favorites:

Cooking Surface Prime, an induction system that looked like magic to a kitchen-and-bath novice like me.

Photo by The Designers Collaborative, of the Cooking Surface Prime the inductions system

Compact In-Sink Dishwasher by Fotile.

Photo by The Designers Collaborative, In-Sink Dishwasher by Fotile

Outdoor Mobile Bar for those who have everything by Dometic.

Photo by The Designers Collaborative, Outdoor Bar Cart by Dometic

Angel Guard Cookware is a brand new, award-winning product invented by a fireman who saw first-hand how dangerous a pot of boiling water can be when you have kids in the house. His invention attaches pots to the burners on a stove to prevent them from tipping over.

Photo by The Designers Collaborative, Angel Guard Cookware

Cooksy is a small magnetic gadget that can attach to the hood of your stove. It helps you cook like a pro, with real-time video guiding you with information like when to add your next ingredient or when the meat is fully cooked.

The feature I love most is its ability to record your own recipes, enabling you to preserve them for the next generation. Imagine having grandma’s recipes recorded — with her hands actually making the meal — for you and your family to emulate!

I hope you enjoyed this report on my favorite finds and trends from KBIS 2022.

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