Like many interior designers, I never much liked math. All those fractions and quotients and greatest common denominators? No thank you!

Imagine my surprise, then, when a career in design led me to where I currently live: An alternate universe in which I can hardly wait to sit down each month and balance my books.

What prompted this new love of digit manipulation?

Profit! Specifically, the increased profit I earn when I purchase products for my clients through The Designers Collaborative.

It’s not that I’m motivated by money. I do genuinely love the feeling of creating a beautiful space and watching a client’s thrilled response to my efforts.

But in the past, when, after much procrastination, I would eventually get around to figuring out the profit I’d earned on that beautiful space, I was invariably disappointed.

Surely, I thought, it’s not too much to ask that I be pleased with both my work and my payment for it.

That was my impetus behind starting The Designers Collaborative.

And sure enough, now that I am able to purchase so many products through this wonderful community of designers, I really do look forward to the process of tallying up my profits every month. It’s positively yummy!

Rather than earn a mere 10-20% of “designer discount” on each product, I can now make up to 66% on the same piece. Plus, I get the added benefit of hundreds of vendors to choose from and a supportive community of peers who really have my back.

Let me show you an example of “fun math” from one of my recent projects:

See what I mean by “yummy”? That’s an extra $754 in profit on three items that required no extra effort on my part! What’s not to love?

So I ask you: Isn’t time you got some enjoyment out of math? Jump on the profit bandwagon and join The Designers Collaborative today!