This month, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our favorite manufacturers: John-Richard

John-Richard (JR) was formed in 1980 as a sideline business to one of the largest retail furniture operations in the Mississippi Delta.  The original company employed five people and was housed in a ten thousand square foot warehouse.  Today, it has grown internationally to have offices and factories in Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and China.

We asked the Collaborative’s resident expert on John-Richard to tell us more about why they love to source from this vendor.

Give us a little bit of background on John-Richard. What do they make?

John-Richard is primarily an accessory line but they also carry some furniture as well. They are always ahead of the curve with their designs. The quality is very high and everything I’ve specified, whether it be their artwork, florals, lighting or furniture, is always a show-stopper. 

Where are their goods made?

John-Richard sources globally and is inspired by the history and  creativity of the local craftspeople who take great pride in their work.  American artists like Carol Benson – Cobb create designs that are unique and special that you can’t find anywhere else.   Her paintings are serene and sophisticated and can work in virtually any space. 

Tell us about the quality and price level.

They are higher end and it shows in the quality.  I know when a client has a piece from this line, that they will love it forever and never tire of it.  There is value in their investment.

Do they have a product (or products) that’s a regular go-to for you?

Everything is so beautiful, I could fill my own house with their accessories, art and lighting.  I love the cabinets that come in unique materials and finishes as well as the accessories which add a splash of glamour and beauty to any space.  Truly, its all wonderful!

A JR item I’ve used in the past:

Do they have a product (or products) that they do better than anyone else, or that is unique to them?  The chandeliers always take my breath away, the materials, scale and proportion are so well designed and lighting changes an interior like no other element can.  Not everyone knows that John-Richard’s faux florals and trees are very realistic and perfect to finish off a room.

Do they have a product you’ve been wanting/dying to order but haven’t had a chance yet? Something cool or new?  It’s been in the line for a while now, but I am in love with the brass and glass teardrop chandelier series.   That will be in my future one day for sure!  I also plan on ordering artwork; now I just have to decide on which ones to choose, I love so many!  Either that or I will need more walls. 

One I’d love to use in the future:

Any final thoughts about John-Richard

Client’s fall in love with the details and this company gets them right! I have confidence selling their line because of my genuine enthusiasm for the product and because I know my rep will always be there for me. And the truth is, everything from John-Richard is SO pretty!!