This month, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our favorite manufacturers:   American Leather

We asked the Collaborative’s resident expert on American Leather to tell us more about why they love to source from this vendor.

Give us a little bit of background on American Leather. What do they make? American Leather was founded by engineers in 1990.  American Leather was created on the belief that three month is too long to wait for a piece of customized furniture.

American Leather offers the most comfortable sleeper-sofa on the market.  Their furniture is beautifully tailored, well-constructed and ships relatively quickly.

Where are their goods made?  In Dallas, Texas, housed in a state-of-the-art 350,000-square-foot factory.  In fact, during the pandemic, they switched production to produce PPE for front-line workers. 

Tell us about the quality and price level.  Their furniture is beautifully tailored, well-constructed and ships quickly.  The price point is subjective (some say medium, some say high…depending on their market) but it’s a premium product at a very competitive price.  

Do they have a product (or products) that’s a regular go-to for you?  Several of their sofas can be disassembled which is vital for some of the small ski condos I design.  A normal sofa would never fit down the narrow hallways and staircases. 

Do they have a product (or products) that they do better than anyone else, or that is unique to them?  The sleeper sofas are THE.BEST. and they offer mattress options like gel and Tempur-pedic upgrades.

Do they have a product you’ve been wanting/dying to order but haven’t had a chance yet? Something cool or new?  Every time I go to their showroom I lounge in their Comfort Air chair.  They call them “living chairs” because they have a patented system that swivels, glides and reclines with you.  They take a bit of getting used to but they’re super comfortable were designed with ergonomics in mind.  

Any final thoughts about American Leather?   American Leather has a patent on their no-bar sleepers so clients can confidently accommodate grandma with no fear of an inferior night’s sleep. They also make chairs that pull out into twin beds and matching ottomans to store linens and bedding. American Leather allows you to be a gracious hostess while keeping guests comfortable and the house tidy.