Interior Designers can be so focused on their day-to-day tasks that I think a lot of the time they forget the value of stopping and looking around every once in a while.  Trade shows and other similar events can be inspiring, educational, and let’s not forget a tax write-off. They are an opportunity to keep the creative juices flowing.


I recently attended a local trade show called the Pennsylvania Furniture Builder Show in Lancaster, PA.  I’ve enjoyed going to this one for several years now and was even asked to speak at last year’s event.  I find this furniture show to be a very valuable experience every year.  This event is on the smaller side with a little over 40 furniture vendors who all make their furniture within Pennsylvania.  Most of the furniture builders at this show are Mennonite and Amish so they use quality solid hardwoods and offer a wide range of stains and paints.


I learn new things each year about the vendors that I have long-standing relationships with plus I discover new vendors I didn’t know about before.  The opportunity to see and touch the products in person is invaluable.


Top 5 Reasons to Attend Trade Shows:

  • Touch and feel the product in person
  • Discover new vendor sources
  • Build a stronger relationship with vendors you already know. Face time is invaluable.
  • Get inspired and get off the hamster wheel of the day-to-day.
  • The tax write-off is a plus. This is an investment in your business.


Whether you attend the big national shows like High Point and Las Vegas or find some smaller local shows near you, it is important to get yourself out of the grind of the office to be exposed to the inspiration that is out there in the world.  Personally, I go to High Point every year and attend a few smaller local shows whenever possible.  It is worth your time and investment.



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