The Designers Collaborative (TDC) has restructured from a partnership to single ownership under Heather McManus the group’s creator and founder. After five years of partnership with Tracey Taylor it was time to consolidate the business. This opened the door for new positions in the company which are beneficial to the organization as a whole. The new positions have made for a stronger team allowing each team member to focus on and improve their tasks and roles.

We are proud to announce Megan Cochran from Cochran Services as TDC’s new Onboarding Specialist and Executive Assistant. Megan has been a team member with TDC prior and shown she has the skills, dedication, and patience needed for her new larger role at TDC.

Linda Speed has taken on the new role as TDC Account Manager handling the addition of new vendor accounts, assisting Account Holders, and ensuring TDC systems are up to date and well organized. Linda was also assisting TDC prior to the consolidation and has stepped up to this bigger role with gusto.

Rounding out the team is Everything But Design to assist with daily bookkeeping.  Kae Whitaker has helped TDC with website development and Keap, our CRM software. Caffeine Creative’s Teresa Schlup assists with website maintenance and SEO. Having experts on call is essential and brings us peace of mind.

Running a large group of over 500 interior designers is complicated but rewarding. TDC Members are from all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii with Canada and the Virgin Islands represented as well! They join us with all different levels of experience from having only a few years in business to veterans with 20 plus years.

The Designers Collaborative’s expanded team has made making small, impactful improvements easy in a short amount of time. Everyone is working together seamlessly so TDC can continue to bring the best customer service and overall experience to its Membership. This change is exciting and we hope you will celebrate with us as we know more amazingly good things are yet to come!

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