LuAnn Live + TDC 2023

Just about every interior designer knows what a powerhouse LuAnn Nigara is in our industry, so it should be no surprise that the “LuAnn Live” conference was the ultimate summit of knowledge, resources, community, networking and AHA moments.  In case you live under a rock or are brand spanking new to interior design, let me tell you about LuAnn Nigara. 

We first met on the phone when she was thinking about starting a podcast. LuAnn asked me if I would be willing to be on her newly-launching podcast, “A Well-Designed Business”, as the very first episode! As many of you know, her podcast quickly became the number one podcast on iTunes.  LuAnn captured the interior designers’ interest by talked in depth about how designers run their business; so, listeners had actionable information they learned and could apply to their businesses. LuAnn created a such a loyal fan base that she didn’t stop at just have an amazingly successful podcast. LuAnn has written books, has had headline-speaking engagements, she created LuAnn University with informative classes, and of course her “LuAnn Live” event, which is a multi-day conference.

It was a huge honor to be featured in her first podcast episode on “A Well-Designed Business” and then to return on her “Power Talk Friday” episode 357. I have had many great career moments over the years, but it is a joy to watch designer’s eyes light up when I say I know LuAnn and that I was asked to be on her first podcast episode. The LuAnn fan girls intently have a new level of respect for me. Thank you, LuAnn, for the amazing street cred.

“LuAnn Live” was back to meeting in person this year, which made me appreciate the event even more. After the past few years of living through a pandemic, it was invigorating to gather together with other designers.  The focus of Health and Wealth was also very timely. LuAnn tagged in her daughter, Christine Rocha, to be her co-host as Christina has her own podcast, “The Inner Edit” now as well.

“LuAnn Live” had plenty of well-known names presenting including Cory Damien Jenkins, Cheryl Luckett, Sara Brennan and the topics and content were also high level and in depth. I really enjoyed how honest and real everyone was not just on stage but in the audience too. There were some emotional and raw moments because LuAnn succeeded in making this conference genuinely deep.

I attended as a sponsor with a table for The Designers Collaborative and we had a great response from designers who had not heard of us before.  I enjoyed seeing some of our existing Members whom I never had the opportunity to meet in person as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the 2023 “LuAnn Live” event and look forward to attending the next one.