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Highlights from HPMKT Panel Presentation of Pricing for Profit

There are milestones and highlights that all businesses hope to reach when they set out on their journey, and I’m thrilled to share that The Designers Collaborative had a successful event that qualifies as such. At the Fall 2023 High Point Furniture Market The Designers Collaborative (TDC) coordinated an event that was sold out and then some!

What do you mean by “lowest possible price”?

Exactly that. Manufacturers in the home furnishings industry sell their products to different buyers at different price points — saving the best deals for those who purchase the most product.

By banding together, our Members have been able to open accounts with hundreds of Vendors at pricing levels typically inaccessible to the solo entrepreneur.

And because there is no big back office infrastructure eating into your profits, you’re able to keep that higher margin for yourself!

The Designers Collaborative VENDORS

With over 300 Vendors to choose from, The Designers Collaborative provides the greatest CREATIVE FREEDOM and PROFITABILITY

TDC has all your sourcing needs covered for

for residential and commercial
for all price points
for all categories and styles

"We started The Designers Collaborative because we wanted to provide designers with a trustworthy, reliable, community to help them keep their profits while offering a great service to their clients!"

- Heather & Tracey, Co-Founders of The Designer's Collaborative

We offer a community of designers and accounts to help your business grow!

TDC members gain expertise, community and amazing success.


TDC meets designers where they are at and quickly lifts them up with our education, tools, templates and community. 

We invite designers at all levels to become Members.


TDC has a thriving community of professional designers from across North America who are dedicated, experienced and generously share their knowledge with fellow Members.


Within no time of becoming a Member, designers are hiring help, opening studio spaces, attending major trade shows and experiencing game-changing profits.

The Designers Collaborative has been featured by:

Design Talk LIVE featuring Heather McManus
Interior Design Business Podcast with Terri Taylor
EP 5 – Morning Wake Up Call with Heather McManus

Rest assured, your business is in great hands

You're in great hands when you join The Designers Collaborative

Access to Top Vendors

Rest Assured TDC has the BEST prices on over 300 top Vendors you know and love. 

We have you covered for every room in your clients' home or office, in every price point and in every style! 

TDC also provides custom designed Digital Resources that make searching for the right products for your clients fast and easy.

The creative freedom our Members have at their fingertips is outstanding!

Organized & Transparent

TDC is organized and easy to use with so many helpful, custom tools you won’t find anywhere else. 

As a Member, access to our full system allows Members to see pricing for themselves.

No waiting for someone to get back to you, Members are empowered!

TDC Members are in the driver's seat with resources all designed to help them succeed.


TDC is here to facilitate resolutions of any miscommunications between Members. Most issues are resolved easily with TDC Admins bridging the gap. 

We also maintain a self funded Emergency Fund (EF) for the exceedingly rare event of Members acting in bad faith.  This EF excludes the ordinary ordering mishaps such as damages, mistakes, and the unexpected.  The EF compensation to TDC Members is subject to the approval of TDC Admins.  We are committed to providing a totally secure place to purchase.

Here's what our Members say about us

Real reviews from real Members

Elizabeth Guest 

Elizabeth Guest Interiors

“The Designers Collaborative is a fabulous resource for interior designers who are looking to up their game, and access a multitude of top vendors.”

Megan Thompson

Spark Interiors

“I have learned more about furniture construction, met talented designers across the country, and, best of all, increased my profit margin!”

“The Designers Collaborative has transformed my projects into revenue generators — about double what I’d been earning on them before I joined the group!”

Gordon Kessler TDC Member

"Joining The Designers Collaborative is one of the best decisions you can make! You are seriously set up to get light years ahead of so many that have sloshed their way through figuring how we do what we do."

Julie Kay TDC Member

"This is a valuable resource of an array of interior design professionals sharing their trade sources and design knowledge. If it wasn’t for this group we would be leaving a lot of $$$ on the table not mention the learning aspect of collaborating together with other designers."

Linda Speed TDC Member

Linda Speed

Nestology LLC

"This group is invaluable!! TDC keeps us educated and up to date in our industry. TDC has a great group of designers who are willing to share both their product and design knowledge, processes and all-around 2 cents on anything you may ask. We share our trade accounts so that we can get the best pricing available."

In the News from The Designers Collaborative

Acceptance is All Year Round

Acceptance is All Year Round

TDC's Positive Ripples

TDC's Positive Ripples

High Point Market - Spring 2023 Highlights

High Point Market - Spring 2023 Highlights

KBIS #2023 Top 5 Trends

KBIS #2023 Top 5 Trends

How to Conquer Your Fear of Freight & Delivery

How to Conquer Your Fear of Freight & Delivery

Want to Change Your Life? Go to High Point!

Want to Change Your Life? Go to High Point!

Ready to harness the power of collaboration?

What is this going to cost me?

In a word: Nothing. Most of our Members find that our modest annual fee pays for itself with their first order, thanks to our best available pricing.

Other buying services promise no fee to join, but more than make up for it on the back-end by taking a substantial percentage of every order you place. That means less profit for you in the long run.

The bottom line? A humble three-figure outlay typically yields a more than 10,000% return on investment for the average Member every year. 

Now, that’s just good business.

So this isn’t just another buying group?

Nope. In fact, we are truly unique: a genuine collaborative of design professionals working together to empower and enrich our fellow Members.

Most of the other buying services out there are really just virtual versions of multi-line showrooms. That means their business model is the same as a showroom: They’re the sales rep and you’re the customer.

Here, you’re a true partner - a  Member of the Collaborative community.

What does that mean: I’m a partner?

It’s simple: We are not here to make money off you. 

We are here to help you make money.

We start by providing access to the best possible pricing.

The support you will receive goes far beyond that. Seasoned designers who know the ins-and-outs of the business share their expertise through videos, resource lists and monthly Zoom meetings.

The goal: We’re here to make your life easier. 

We’ve got your back.

Ready to harness the power of collaboration?

Tap into a community of design professionals committed to your success.

Enjoy the access and increased profitability that comes with “strength in numbers.”

Experience greater peace of mind by knowing:

You don’t have to go it alone.

Your questions answered

Here are a few answers to some of our most frequently asked questions...

Who are your Members?

Every Member of The Designers Collaborative is an active professional in the design industry — either an interior designer, decorator or home stager. Some are solo practitioners who work from a home office. Others have larger firms with a retail store front.

Do I need to qualify for Membership?

No special qualifications are needed. Any design professional with a business license and/or resale certificate is welcome to join.

Are new Members vetted?

Yes. For the safety of our Group, we review the websites and social media of all applicants to ensure that each Member is a legitimate design professional.

If you’re new to the business, you can email us photos of your work and/or school projects to verify your status.

Do I have to live in the United States to be a Member?

We accept Members from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

I don’t have any trade accounts to share with the group. Can I still join?

Absolutely! We need buyers as much as we need Account Holders. Both are equally valued Members of our Collaborative Group.

I already have all the trade accounts I need — at great price points. What would I get out of joining?

Sharing those accounts with our Group may help you maintain them in good standing. It may also boost your revenue stream, since Account Holders earn a 10% administrative fee on every order they process.

How do I join?

Please have a digital copy of your State or Provincial sales tax exemption or business registration certificate handy and begin the application process here.

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