KBIS #2023 Top 5 Trends

The Designers Collaborative had the opportunity to attend KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Show) in Las Vegas.  This kitchen and bath show is the largest of its kind and is full of inspiration plus the latest products to come to the market.

The Designers Collaborative offers interior designers access to products in every category so that when they work with clients sourcing is easy and profitable.  Lately kitchen and bath products have become even harder for designers to source with less profit available outside TDC.  We are proud to be expanding the vendors in our kitchen and bath category to include even more great vendors for our Members.

Top 5 Trends from KBIS #2023

1- Soaking Tubs are still large and in charge.  It was really nice to see the return of the traditional ball and claw foot tub as well.

2- Color! Pops of color were found in some unexpected places like the inside of a drawer or stove, cabinets and door hardware, appliances, sinks and tubs. I think we are all craving a little more color in our interiors.

3- Funky, fun and sculptural cabinet hardware. There were lots of textures along with metallic finish combinations and both matte and glossy finishes.

4- Induction is the new gas stove. The upcoming laws that will eliminate gas stoves might have some clients in a panic but worry not because they’ll learn to love induction. It’s fast, like super-fast, and easy to clean with more options that allow a little more creativity in the design of your kitchen as a whole.

5- Robot Toilets like the one from Trone that opens its lid when you walk over to it, heats the seat, has a remote control, and has custom settings for the bidet. It even has a sensor on the side for men to tap with their foot that will lift the toilet seat and it automatically closes when you’re done. This isn’t brand-new technology but with this company, it’s more affordable.

We hope you have enjoyed some of the latest trends from KBIS. To learn more about how The Designers Collaborative can help you be twice as profitable and offer you creative freedom, learn more here.