Designer created, designer run

You don’t have to tell Heather McManus how challenging it can be to run your own one-woman design firm.

She’s been in the industry since 1999, watching with dismay as modern technology has made the design business more and more complicated, and profits more and more difficult to come by. (We’re talking to you, Wayfair!)

Rather than take these changes lying down, Heather decided to do something about them. So in 2016, she enlisted four other designers and started The Designers Collaborative.

In 2018, fellow designer Tracey Taylor came on board, and together, the two have grown the group to more than 150 members.

The Collaborative currently maintains accounts with over 200 of the most popular manufacturers — nearly all of them at Stocking Dealer pricing.

But no matter how large the group gets, its fundamental philosophy will never change:

We are not here to make money off you.

We are here to help you make money.

Want to get in on the action?