See for yourself

Best. Investment. Ever.

That’s what one of our members calls our modest annual fee, which we use to keep the Collaborative running smoothly.

Designers typically more than make up this fee on their very first order because of our lowest-possible pricing levels.

Skeptical? Not a problem.

We’ll show you how it works.

Consider this sectional from a well-known vendor with whom we have an account at the Stocking Dealer price level.

It retails for $4,920.

Here’s what you would pay for it, and how much profit you would make upon resale, at each of the common pricing tiers:

20% DiscountDesigner NetWholesaleThe Designers Collaborative
Retail price4,920.004,920.004,920.004,920.00
Cost to designer-3,936.00-3,214.00-2,800.00-2,200.00 *
-599.00Annual Membership fee

As you can see, even with our once-yearly fee, you would still pay less with the Collaborative than at any other price level.

And that would leave you with anywhere from $230 to $1,366 in extra profit.

* Cost includes the manufacturer’s $2,000 Stocking Dealer price, along with a $200 administrative fee for the account-holding member.

That’s pretty much the definition of “paying for itself.” Isn’t it?